Wall Mounted Pot Rack Handmade in Solid Copper

Copper pot rack
Above: Hand rubbed finish

Space saving design straight pot rack $39 to $99

This compact copper wall rack sits just 1.5 inches from the wall, with turned in side tabs for hidden mounting. Comes with 8 hanging hooks, copper or brass option.

Available in 2 sizes: 24 inch and 33 inch

  • Regular Wall Rack is suitable for lighter pots and pans, total max weight 15 pounds. $39/$49

  • Heavy Duty Wall Rack is 1/8" thick and more suitable for heavier and thick bottomed pans.$79/$99

  • Both should be adequately secured to the wall based on your wall structure. Use anchors where necessary.

Size options:

24 inches
33 inches


Heavy Duty
Hook options: