Custom Designed Kitchen Range Hood"Yorkshire" Range Hood

This beautiful custom range or stove hood was first designed by Jason from a client's request in 2005. It has since been highlighted in "Kitchens by Professional Designers" and "Better Homes & Gardens".

It is naturally very rustic and industrial looking and will have variation in shades and detail.

Please note that no two hoods will ever be exactly alike due to the nature of handcrafted work.
Blackened Range Hood  range hood, custom  range hood, custom
#Y1: Yorkshire gray range hood #Y2 with dark patina #Y3 mid to dark gray metal range hood
, light grayYorkshire metal range hood Yorkshire metal range hood Yorkshire metal range hood
#Y4: Light gray metal range hood #Y5: Rustic dark gray range hiid #Y6: Dark gray metal range hood
Gray metal range hood
Above: Each hood shown has a full straps package
Each range hood is custom handmade. No two will ever look exactly the same. Lighting will also play a part, making the same hood look lighter or darker depending on the surrounding features and lighring.

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