Examples of the range hood accessories for customizing your copper range hood. Scroll down for straps, pot rails, trim, rivets and clavos!


Straps and Bands

Copper Strap -
single rivets
Dark Copper Straps
with double row rivets
Copper Straps -  
hand hammered
with single rivets
Clavo straps Overlapping Seam
Copper straps with rivets and clavos Iron straps with round head clavo Overlapping seam


Single step trim Double step trim
Copper Range Hood
with stainless trim
Step Trim Double Step Trim
arch trim
  Arch Trim  
  Top trim with bands and buttons  


Clavo with
Antique Copper finish
Solid copper decorative studs for strap decoration Round head
Iron clavo

Pot Rails

Brass pot rack/ rail on copper range hoods
Brass pot rack/ rail on copper range hood  




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