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Tuscan Finish

Our Tuscany finish copper range hoods are our most popular, adding a warmth to the kitchen & great style


The dark Sicilian patina is the color of darkest chocolate, giving your range hood a strong presence in the kitchen




Raw handrubbed copper is a brighter & lighter finish for your copper range hood; great for a fresh look in your kitchen

Pompeii Finish

A Pompeii finished range hood has depth of color, giving a textured appearance


A warmer brown than Sicily,
the Rome finish is aged and beautiful


Lombardy keeps the lightness of Trentino but with a little more warmth and character

Available with all of the above colors at an additional cost.
Have your entire range hood textured or just part of it, such as the trim.

Note: We hammer our copper by hand & do not roll it through a machine to get the "look" of hand hammering.

Hand hammered copper in Tuscan finish

Hand hammered copper adds a natural beauty and texture to your range hood.

Please contact us for details of additional cost