Copper Fence Post Cap - Ball Copper Ball Fence Post Cap/ Finial

Available in Std 4x4, Std 6x6
Our ball caps cannot be customized. For custom sized caps, please see our copper flat caps

This solid copper fence post cap or topper is a seamless pyramid topped with an attractive copper globe, designed for maximum strength, durability and beauty.

* Seamless design prevents water leaks
* 3/4" side legs for more protection of your wooden post
* Base is made from 20oz copper for extra strength
* Globe is made from 48oz copper and is 3" diameter
* Has 2 pre-drilled holes for mounting
* Over time, the copper will develop a beautiful patina, or you can clear coat the fence post cap to maintain the high shine finish

Inside dimension of cap Price
$ each
Std 4x4 3-5/8" sq 19.99 4 to 6 weeks
Std 6x6 5-5/8" sq 30.99 4 to 6 weeks

Please check the size you require before ordering
If unsure, visit our size guide