To place an order for a countertop, please contact Danielle or Jason at 866 500 9898. If you have your own design in mind, please send us photos or drawings by fax or email. For a quote, please complete our Quote Request Form or you can download & print it here 

Once we have agreed upon a design, sizes & cost, we will send you a contract and a copy of our Warranty and Terms of Sale. These must be signed and returned to us with a deposit.
Changes can be made to the design before production begins and all changes must be made in writing with amendments made to the original contract & quote.

Before the item is shipped to you, we will email you photographs for your approval. You will pay the remaining balance and your countertop will be shipped to you, usually by Overnite/UPSFreight.

Payment Plans
For orders under $2,000 we require payment in full when you place the order.
For orders $2,000 and above, we require 50% deposit upon ordering with the remaining 50% to be paid before shipping. Lead times average 8-10 weeks from the date of ordering to the date of shipping. 
Your deposit is refundable if you cancel as long as production has not begun. Full details can be found in Section 5 of our terms of sale.

Patina Options
We offer a variety of copper finishes, but if you would like us to match existing copper in your home, please send us a photograph and we will work with you on that.

All sales of countertops are considered to be custom built as no two customers ever desire the same item! That is the nature of handcrafted items as opposed to off-the-shelf machine made.