Copper BacksplashOur whole copper backsplashes can be made to custom sizes up to a maximum 8ft x 3ft & will arrive ready for a simple installation! We can cut your copper backsplash to any size within 8ft x 3ft, as well as cut it to fit unusual spaces!

We use 0.040" thick pure copper (32 oz). This is double the thickness & weight of roofing copper, and up to 5 times thicker than the copper used by some other backsplash makers.
Why? Well, we tested various thicknesses for backsplashes and felt that this still gives some flexibility for slightly bowed walls, but won't ripple, pucker or roll into dips in the wall. As copper is technically a "soft" metal, this extra thickness provides a stronger backsplash to reduce risk of dents and dings.

Choose from a natural copper backsplash with a "living finish" which will patina over time, or select from the options on the right for a stunning ready-made patina finish. The patina is protected with a professional clear coat - matte or satin - which locks in the color and prevents tarnishing.

Contact us to order. Sample pricing for a copper backsplash is below.
Maximum size 36"x96" per piece

Backsplash cost $


Backsplash $35 per sq ft
Patina $80 plus $20 per sq ft
Protective finish, matte or satin Included
Cut outs for electrical sockets $15 each
Texture finish call for quote
36" x 30" = 3ft x 2.5 ft 7.5 sq feet
Base cost 7.5 @ $35 $262.50
Patina: 80 + 150 $230.00
2 outlet cut outs $30.00

Custom copper range hood, sink backsplash

Copper backsplash with lombardy patina