Copper Sinks

Copper Sinks

We love the natural living finish of a copper sink - the color and appearance changing with use, different colors showing up daily as the copper interacts with all the various things it comes into contact with, from water and dish detergent to all the other things washed off your dishes.

The apron of our farmhouse copper sinks can be sealed to minimize the changing but we recommend leaving the inside of the sink unsealed. Not only will you see the frequent changes, but you will also benefit from the natural anti-microbial qualities of copper.  Could we seal the insides? Sure - but many sealants are prone to damage over time with the typical use in a sink and we say, let it be.  However, if you feel the color changes aren't your cup of tea, then a copper sink might not be your ideal kitchen solution.

Our copper sinks are made with 14 gauge copper and welded at corners so there's no leakage.

Pricing is determined by overall size and shape. Message us or call for a price estimate. Lead times are approx 10 - 14 weeks.

Copper sink with hammered front and straps

Copper sink, double bowl with hammered apron and straps with clavos

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