Range Hood Venting Options

Choose from a wide variety of fan sizes from Broan-NuTone. If the need arises, we will sometimes use a different type of unit (example, the design requires a different size power pack or the home requires a smaller venting option.)

Please note, we can sometimes accommodate a different blower of your choice, but they do not all work with all hood designs or with our framing. We are very happy to look at your individual situation. Also note, that if you have a unit on the wall that needs covering, more often than not we will request it to be sent to us for proper fitting.

Medium to High level exhaust fan & insert
 - Professional series insert
- HVI Certified
- From 500 to 1500 CFM

- Multi-speed control for quiet and effective performance
- Heat Sentry detects excessive heat and adjusts blower speed automatically
- 2 or 3 halogen lamps, depending on width
- Dishwasher safe aluminum/ stainless steel filters
- Stainless steel base for easy cleaning - this is custom built by us for a perfect fit
- Optional baffle filters available
- Make up air kits available

Fan size should be based on the size & heat output of your stove top. If unsure, we can help you determine the size you need.
Note: External fans require 10" ducting. The fan sits outside of the home, on a wall or roof instead of being inside the range hood itself. Inline units are also an option—this would be located between your kitchen and the exterior of the home; for example, in the attic.

Smaller hoods or Low level exhaust fan & Insert
- Integrated 400 CFM or 600 CFM internal blower
- Optional exhaust units up to 1200 CFM
- HVI Certified
- Multispeed control
- Two 20 watt Halogen lamps included (some units have LED option)
- Dishwasher safe aluminum filters

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