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Going Green!

Going GreenAt The Metal Peddler, we have always been committed to finding as many ways as possible of "going green": that is, reducing pollution and trying not to waste Earth's precious resources and yet without compromising the quality of what we do. No doubt we will always be trying to find new ways, but here are a few we have done so far.

In the shop...
- changing our metal sealants to water based eco-friendly versions
- switching bulbs to energy saving CFL bulbs
- recycling all used and waste materials
- solar powered security lighting
- recycle petroleum products
- forklift converted to Natural Gas, reducing carbon emissions
- Increased building insulation by 50% using fire-resistant recycled materials!

In the office...

 - recycle printer ink and toner cartridges
 - use recycled paper, and recycle our waste paper
- reducing mailed packing slips and invoices, sending them by email instead
- requesting our suppliers to email invoices that we can store electronically, instead of using paper and envelopes
- switching bulbs to energy-saving CFL bulbs
- switching 98% of our packing materials from styrofoam peanuts to recycled and recyclable paper
- adding motion-detector lights to automatically shut off when someone leaves the room